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Nectarine provides a fresh approach to recruiting the best candidates:

Account Management: Each consultant at Nectarine manages their own clients and are totally responsible for managing the recruitment process from start to finish. This ensures that you have a dedicated point of contact. The consultant will also keep you updated on a weekly basis on the progress of the assignment.

Understanding your business: We dedicate a great deal of time to understand your business, culture and aspirations to ensure that we are able to represent your business in a knowledgeable and professional way and therefore identify and match the most suitable candidates.

A unique process: When we interview candidates, not only do we ensure that we fully understand their background and experience but we delve deeply into their reasons for making a change and career aspirations ensuring that they match with your business requirements. We share this information with you enabling you to sell the opportunity with your firm. We ensure, as much as we can, that our candidates are fully committed to a new opportunity and we discuss, where appropriate, the subject of counter offer at the beginning of our process. We do everything we can to reduce the risk of a counter offer being accepted. We ensure that both clients and candidates are fully prepared for all interview and we take detailed feedback from both parties after each interview.

Partnership: We work in partnership with you and aim to continually share information and our market knowledge and expertise to ensure that you make the correct recruitment decisions for your business.

Quality not Quantity: We pride ourselves with our industry and sector knowledge. We have specialists in each field who will only present candidates to you with the right background and experience. We will not waste your time with pointless interviews. We would aim to present to you 2-4 candidates for each position that match your requirements, its then up to you to decide who is the best cultural fit.

Interview at our offices: Our offices in Cobham are an ideal place for clients to 1st interview potential candidates. We can arrange for you to meet 2-3 candidates in one day enabling us to discuss feedback.

Speed: We offer a proactive model utilising our extensive industry contacts, we are results driven. We work as quickly and effectively as possible to find the highest calibre individuals.

Contact us:
Nectarine Consulting
Coveham House
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KT11 3EP

T: 01932 584809
F: 01932 865309

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