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Client Services

Tailored Solutions: Every client has different needs, at Nectarine we provide a tailored bespoke solution based on your specific requirements:

Contingency Selection: We will search through our network and databases of registered candidates, utilise social media and internet advertising and work closely with our sister headhunting firm Lawson Ware Ltd. to identify individuals with the background and experience for your immediate requirements.

Advertised Selection: We work with you to manage an advertising campaign, either in the mainstream press, in specialist publications, online or a mixture of all 3. This can be under your brand or ours. We will manage and filter the response, provide a shortlist of the highest calibre candidates, and provide a detailed report as required.

Executive Search: If we feel that the skill set that you are looking for is very specific and is high in demand and short in supply we may recommend our Executive Headhunting parent, Lawson Ware Ltd, to find your ideal candidate. Lawson Ware focuses on headhunting at mid and senior management to find the best in the industry as opposed to the best on the market. It is then up to you who manages your account, either a Lawson Ware consultant or a Nectarine Consultant. The two divisions work very closely together and provide a seamless process.

Proactive and Continuous Brief: If you are a business experiencing continued growth and wish to attract the highest calibre candidates on a continuous basis then this is a very effective service. You will have access to the highest calibre candidates before any other business. These may be individuals that we have identified in the course of a headhunt search or in the course of our other daily activities. Please contact us for further details.

You may choose to use one method or a combination of all four, we will make our recommendation but the choice is yours!

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