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Employers have found that they can't always rely upon interviewing to differentiate between high calibre candidates.

As a result many now combine a variety of assessment tools, for example, competency based interviewing, presentations, group exercises and testing. These can be used independently in addition to the normal interview process or collectively to create an Assessment Day. Different methods of selection are rapidly gaining popularity for the recruitment of managers, directors and other senior employees.

At Nectarine Consulting we work with clients not only to create a sophisticated interview process but also, where required, to design, manage and run assessment days. We work in conjunction with our business partner, People Vision, a leading Human Resources consultancy, to provide clients with a full solution. Alyson Pellowe, People Vision’s Managing Director works with us to conduct Psychometric, Personality and Ability Testing to our clients.

The Interview Process or Assessment Day may include:

Competency Based Interviewing
At Nectarine Consulting, we feel that, in order to achieve outstanding results it is imperative not only to fully understand your business and its opportunities but also to fully understand a candidate's experience and motivations, really get underneath their skin, and hence how it relates to the opportunity that you are looking to fill. In order to do this we interview candidate's using a competency based framework. This has been based on 25 years of recruitment experience and extensive market research both from an external and in house perspective.

This framework can be used across all businesses and across all aspects of people management from recruitment, through career development and performance management. The result of this work is a framework that highlights the behaviours that should be encouraged in the work place to result in improving overall business performance. This is applicable to all levels within the organisation including Director. The questions are example driven and act as an essential tool in the recruitment process.

There are 11 competencies divided into four categories: Business skills, people skills, attitude and motivation and knowledge and expertise. There are also three levels of expertise, Core, Intermediate and Advanced for each competency which we encourage clients to specify before we commence on the search assignment.

Presentations are a common part of the general interview process. Clients find them very useful at second or final interview stage. If candidates are given a particular business topic on which to present it can be very insightful into how they would develop, communicate and deliver in their role. It is not the facts, data or product knowledge that is being tested but their thought processes, vision and ideas.

Group Exercises (Assessment Day)
Group exercises are set to test the candidates' teamwork ability and to see who comes out as the leaders and who are the followers. Groups will be provided with a brief, which they must complete within a defined time limit.

The tasks may encourage competitiveness or co-operation. The opportunity to compete with other candidates will help some candidates to perform better.

Psychometric, Personality and Ability Testing
Lawson Ware, in conjunction with their business partner, People Vision, offers clients a range of testing tools in order to help in the selection of their ideal candidate.

Psychometric Tools
Psychometric tools are questionnaires or tests that help businesses to select the right people, facilitate individual and team development, and increase organisational effectiveness. Some should only be used for the development of individuals, while others are designed and validated for selection.

Psychometric testing is likely to lead to considerable cost-benefits in the long term. Whether it is for selection of new staff or development of existing staff, the expenses involved in psychometric assessment are minimal when compared with the costs of high-turn over, under-performance or misdeployment of staff.

Personality Testing – 16PF
The 16PF instrument is a robust measure of personality traits. It was developed by Raymond Cattell in 1949. The 16PF questionnaire assesses an individual’s personality against 16 personality factors. This provides a valid and accurate predictor of future behaviour.

Types Of Ability Testing
Verbal Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
Tests of Interests, motivation and attitudes

In our experience clients use testing for a number of different reasons. Often it is because they wish to gain a clearer understanding, not only of a candidate’s ability, but also of their personality. They want to ensure that they will compliment the existing team and company culture and have the right temperament for the position they are seeking to fill.

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Our business partner, People Vision, can offer a wide range of HR consultancy services to your business. For further details please visit or contact Alyson Pellowe on 0870 2416383

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